Azure ad connect user writeback

Password writeback is a feature that can sync the password changes in Azure Active Directory back to your on-premises AD DS environment.

Azure AD Connect gives a secure way to send these password changes back to an existing on-premises directory from Azure AD

How to enable Azure ad connect user writeback

You can enable password writeback in Azure AD Connect by following the below steps

1. Sign in to the Azure AD Connect server and start the Azure AD Connect wizard.

2. Select the Configure option from the Welcome page.

3. Now, select the Customize synchronization options on the Additional Tasks page, then click the Next button.

4. Now, it will ask to enter the credentials. Provide your global administrator credential on the Connect to Azure AD page and click the Next button.

5. Click Next on the Connect directories and Domain/OU filtering pages.

6Select(Check) the checkbox next to the Password writeback option On the Optional Features page and then click the Next button.

7. Select the Configure option on the Ready to Configure page and wait for some time. After some time, you will see the configuration finish option and click the Exit button.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed Azure AD user writeback and how to enable it. Thanks for reading this article !!!