Azure DevOps Best Practices

Azure DevOps best practices

In this Azure article, we will discuss the lists of Azure DevOps best practices that you need to follow while working with Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps Best Practices

  • You should ensure Application development teams use version control
  • It is suggested that all the Stakeholders should actively participate in the development of the process
  • Automation testing should be implemented to test any of the applications developed by the team.
  • The services used for developing the applications should be reusable.
  • One of the key practices for DevOps is Continuous integration. It basically refers to building a project and validating it regularly.
  • Application monitoring is one of the Azure DevOps best practices. You should optimize the application performance that is deployed on the local data center or the cloud platform with the help of Application monitoring which is one of the best practices of Azure DevOps.
  • Continuous Deployment is another best practice of DevOps which is the extension of Continuous integration that comes with many sub-processes, including creation, versioning, testing, deployment, etc. This process helps the developers to reduce the time between the identification of the new features and their deployment in production.

Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed the lists of Azure DevOps best practices that you need to follow. Thanks for reading this article !!!