Azure DevOps Pricing

Azure DevOps Pricing

Well, In this Azure DevOps article, we will discuss how much Azure DevOps cost you if you wish to use Azure DevOps individual services or Licensing for your Organization.

Azure DevOps Pricing

When we will start discussing the pricing model, Basically 2 things come into the picture.

  1. Azure DevOps services Pricing
  2. Azure DevOps server Pricing

Azure DevOps services Pricing

For different Individual services

Below is the pricing structure of different individual services that are the main part of Azure DevOps.

Name of the ServicesFree of costYou need to pay
Azure Pipelines1 Free CI/CD (Microsoft-hosted) (1,800 minutes/month for CI/CD)
1 Free CI/CD (Self-Hosted) (unlimited minutes/month)
You need to pay $40 / extra Microsoft-hosted CI/CD.

Similarly, You need to pay $15 / extra Self-hosted CI/CD.
Azure ArtifactsFirst, 2 GiB freeFor more than 2 GiB, you need to pay with the below pricing structure.

For 2GiB to 10 GiB, You need to pay $2 / GiB.

For the next 10 GiB to 100 GiB, you need to pay $1 / GiB.

For 100GiB to 1,000 GiB, You need to pay $0.50 / GiB.

For the next 1,000 GiB onwards, you need to pay $0.25 / GiB.

For User Licenses

Below is the pricing structure in terms of user licensing. Basically, there are two types of Azure DevOps license or plans.

  • Basic Plan
  • Basic + Test Plans
License TypesFree of costYou need to payBenefits in terms of individual services/Features
Basic Plan
(Azure DevOps basic license)
Free for the first 5 users.For extra users, you need to pay $6 / user / month.Azure Pipelines: Same benefit as the Individual services (As mentioned above).

Azure Artifacts: You will get 2 GiB free / organization.

Azure Boards: You will get Kanban boards and the benefit of tracking of the work items.

Azure Repos: The benefit of utilizing a private Git repository (Unlimited access).
Basic + Test PlansFor extra users, you need to pay $52 / user/month.You will get all the benefits from the Basic plan + the below benefits.

The provision for Centralised reporting and user acceptance testing.
Test planning, test execution, and tracking.
Provision for browser-based testing and rich client-side test execution.

Azure DevOps server Pricing

Below is the pricing structure for the Azure DevOps server.

You have the provision to pay through Azure where you are getting the benefits of using Azure cloud services as a bonus.

Pay through Azure

azure devops cost

You can check out the Official site for more information on Azure DevOps cost.

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Wrapping Up

In this Azure DevOps article, we discussed all about the Azure DevOps pricing model. Now decide which plan you wish to use based on your requirement as an individual or as an organization. Thanks for reading this article !!!