Azure Function appsettings.json

One important thing to note is that Appsettings.json has already been deprecated for a long time. That was the old name for the local.settings.json file. The new file is the local.settings.json file now. All the configurations for the Azure Functions

Manage Application Settings for Azure Functions within Visual Studio

When working with the Azure Function, If you want to Add, Edit, or Delete any of the application settings. We normally log in to the Azure Portal and navigate to our Azure function app and then from the Application settings section, we use to perform all the operations as shown below.

azure function app settings visual studio

But there is another way to Manage the Application settings from the Visual Studio itself. If you can see the screenshot below, we can click on the Edit Azure App Service settings link as highlighted below.

azure function appsettings.json

If you click on the + Add Setting, you can see the below window to add the App settings.

azure functions appsettings.json

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