Azure Functions Premium Plan

This article will explain the Azure Functions Premium Plan, its benefits, how to create it, etc.

Azure Function Premium Plan

The Azure Functions Premium Plan, also known as the Elastic Premium Plan, is an excellent plan for the Azure Function App that provides many cool features like No Cold Start and VNet connectivity. You can deploy multiple Azure Function Apps under the same Premium Plan. The plan also allows you to configure the plan size based on your requirements.

When To Choose The Azure Functions Premium Plan?

It would be best if you chose the Azure Functions Premium Plan in the case of a few Key scenarios like below

  • Choose the Azure Functions Premium Plan if Your Azure Function Apps runs continuously.
  • If you need more memory or CPUs, compare to the Consumption plan as part of your requirement.
  • If your Azure Function code is taking more execution time.
  • In case you want to utilize many premium features like Virtual network connectivity, Unlimited Code execution duration, More instance Size, Warm instances to avoid any cold start, the ability to run multiple Azure Function Apps under the same plan, etc.

Benefits Of Azure Functions Premium Plan

Scaling for the Function App is much faster than the Premium Plan. Scaling will be done once every 30 seconds. When there is a high load, the Azure function infrastructure scales CPU and memory resources by adding additional instances.

You can use a CNAME or an A record to map a custom domain for the Function Apps hosted in the Premium plan. Whereas in the case of the Consumption plan, only the CNAME option is supported.

Many networking features are available in the case of the Premium Plan, such as Hybrid connections that you can use to connect the Azure Function with your On-Premise DatabaseVirtual network Integration, Inbound and Outbound IP restrictionsVirtual network triggers, etc.

Another thing is. In the Premium Plan case, Your App will always be ready with a maximum of 20 instances. These instances help us execute first in case any events begin.

How To Create A Premium Plan

Follow the below steps to Create a premium plan Azure Function App using the Azure Portal.

  1. Login to the Azure Portal (
  2. Search for the Function App and click on the search result.
How To Create A Premium Plan Azure Function

3. Click the + Add button on the Azure Function App page to add a Premium Plan Azure Function App.

On the Basics tab, Choose Your Subscription and select the Existing Resource Group. Suppose you don’t have any existing resource group. In that case, you can create a new resource group by clicking on the Create new link, Provide a name for the Azure Function App, Choose the Publish option as Code, Choose the Runtime stack as .NET Core, Version as 3.1 and then choose your Azure Function Region.

Finally, click the Next: Hosting > button to navigate to the Hosting tab.

azure function elastic premium

4. On the Hosting tab, select your Existing storage account, or If you don’t have any storage account, click on the Create new link to create a new storage account. Select the Operating System as Windows.

The next is to choose the Plan Type as Premium, which is very important, and then choose an existing Windows plan based on your region selected before. If you don’t have one, click the Create New link to create a new Windows plan based on the region.

Finally, click on the Review + Create button.

premium functions

Now, it will validate all the options entered by you. If you want to modify any option, click on the < Previous button and change any existing option value; click on the Create button to create the Premium Plan Azure Function.

azure function premium plan

Now, it will deploy the Premium Plan Azure Function App successfully. Click the Go to Resource button to see the Azure Premium Plan Function App you created.

azure premium functions

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This is all about Azure Functions Premium Plan, its benefits, how to create it, etc. Thanks for reading this article !!!