Azure Functions App Service Plan

This article explains the Azure Function App Service Plan, its pricing tier, how to create it, etc.

Azure Functions App Service Plan

The Azure Function, App Service plan, defines a set of computing resources for the Azure Function App or other web apps. Multiple Azure Function App also can run on the same App Service plan.

While creating the App service plan, we choose the region, and internally, a set of computing resources is created for that plan in that particular region.

Each App Service Plan defines the region, the number of Virtual machine instances, the size of the VM, which could be Small, Medium, or Large, and the pricing tier, which could be Basic, shared, free, premium, etc.

When To Choose App Service Plan?

Choose the App service plan in case of a few key scenarios like the one below

  1. In case you have any existing Virtual machines running other App Service instances.
  2. You can also choose the App Service Plan in case you want to provide any custom image on which you want to run your Azure Functions.

How To Create App Service Plan?

To create the App Service Plan, you need to follow the same steps as we have created the Premium plan. So fill out all the options under the Basic Tab, then click the Next: Hosting button to navigate to the Hosting tab.

On the Hosting tab, Fill out the below details

Select the Storage Account. If you don’t have an existing account, click the Create new link to create a storage account. Then select the Operating System as the Windows.

Make sure to choose the plan type as App Service Plan. Choose the Windows Plan based on the Region. If you don’t have an existing plan based on the Region, click the Create new link to create the new one.

Then, click on the Review + Create button as highlighted below.

How To Create App Service Plan

Now, on the next screen, it will validate the details provided by you. You can cross-check once and click the Create button to create the App Service plan Azure Function.

How To Create App Service Plan Azure Function

The deployment is completed now. Click the Go to Resource button to see the Azure Function App you created.

create App Service Plan Azure Function

Azure Function App service plan pricing

The pricing tier of an App Service Plan is purely based on the App service features you are getting and the price you are paying for the same.

Below are a few pricing tiers of the App service plan

  • Free and Shared Compute: As per these tiers, You need to run an Azure Function App on the same virtual machine where the other App Service Apps are running.
  • Dedicated Compute: In the case of standard, Basic, and Premium tiers, the app runs on the dedicated Azure virtual machines. Only if the App belongs to the same App Service Plan can share the same compute resources.
  • Isolated: In the case of the Isolated tier, the Azure VMs run on the dedicated Azure Virtual Network.

When you have created an app in the App service, it comes under the same App Service Plan. When the app starts running, it runs on all the virtual machine instances configured under the same App Service Plan.

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Wrapping Up

Well, In this article, we discussed Azure Function App Service Plan, its pricing tier, how to create it, etc. Thanks for reading this article !!!