Azure Functions Limitations

Azure Functions Limitations

We know there are many benefits to Azure functions. With its serverless feature, it really helps to automate many tasks without taking any headaches for the infrastructure. It makes the developer task easier, Developer just needs to concentrate on the coding part. In this article, let’s point out what are the limitations of Azure Functions.

Azure Functions Limitations

With a lot of advantages of Azure Function, there are a few limitations with Azure Functions that need attention as well. Those are as below.

In the Case Of Long Running Applications

Azure Functions are not completely suitable for the scenario when there is a long-running operation for you. We know there is an option for the durable function but it won’t satisfy your complete requirement. But it really works like a Champ for a short and quick solution with very few lines of code.

Azure Function runtime version V1 was not that great But the Version V2 is better than version V1.

Integration with third-party DLLs

Azure functions are not that much comfortable when you have to integrate or refer to third-party DLLs. It’s quite difficult. it’s not that easy integration with the third-party DLLs.

Limitations Of Azure Functions In terms Of Service

Time out duration

If we will consider the time-out duration for the Azure Functions, For the Consumption plan, by default it is 5 minutes, and for Max, you can set it to 10 minutes with some additional configurations.

For the premium plan, it is 30 minutes and you can set it to unlimited with few configurations For App Service Plan, by default, it is 900, and again you can set the maximum to unlimited, But you need to pay more for the App Service plan and Premium Plan.

Max Number Of instances

The maximum number of instances, for the Consumption plan, is 200, For the premium plan, it is 20 whereas, for the App service plan, it is 10 to 20 max.

Max Request Size

The max size for the Request is 100 MB in the case of Consumption, Premium, and App service plans.

Storage Size

In the case of the storage size, for the Consumption plan, it is 1 GB, For the Premium plan, it is 250 GB and In the case of the App Service Plan, it is 500 to 1000 GB.

Number Of App Service plans

In the case of App Service plans, for the consumption plan, it is 100 per region, For the premium plan, it is 100 per resource group and For the App service plan, it is 100 per resource group.

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These are a few limitations in the case of Azure Functions that you need to keep in your mind before deciding to go with Azure Functions. Thanks for reading this article !!!