Azure Web App Service Plan

An App Service plan is a set of computing resources for a web app. When an app is running on the app service behind the scenes, the app is attached to an app service plan.

Select a region for creating an Azure web app service plan. So, as per the Azure web app service plan, the number of computing resources is getting created in that particular region.

An Azure web app service plan is based on the factors

  1. Region
  2. Number of VM instances
  3. Size of the VMs
  4. Pricing tier

Regions are like East India, West India, Central India, East US, West US, etc.

Number of VM instances includes how many VM instances you want to use for the Azure web App operations.

The size of the VMs includes the sizes of the virtual machines(VM) you are using as part of your business requirement, like 1 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, etc.

The pricing tier includes what features you use and how much you pay for them.

Below are a few categories based on the pricing and features

Shared computeFree and Shared– These are the two base tiers that run an app on the same Azure virtual machine as other App Service apps. Apps for the other customers also run on the same virtual machines.

These two basic tires are meant only for development and testing purposes.

Dedicated compute: Basic, Standard, Premium, PremiumV2, etc – The apps under this plan run on dedicated virtual machines. Apps from the other customers are not allowed to run here.

The PremiumV2 tire is the new one that provides virtual machines with faster processors, SSD storage, and double memory features.

PremiumV2 features include all the Premium features with some extra features.

The virtual machines under this PremiumV2 feature come with the below three sizes

  • Small (1 CPU core, 3.5 GB memory)
  • Medium (2 CPU cores, 7 GB memory)
  • Large (4 CPU cores, 14 GB memory)

Isolated: This is the tier that runs with dedicated Azure virtual machines on dedicated Azure Virtual Networks

App Service Plan Cost

For App Service plan, there is an hourly charge for all the tires except the Free tire plan

In the Shared tier, you will get charged per hour based on CPU minutes.

You must pay for each VM instance hourly for Basic, Standard, Premium, and PremiumV2 tires.

In the Isolated tier, you need to pay for each worker on an hourly basis.

I have written an article on that. For more information on the pricing details, refer to How to Create an Azure Web App using PowerShell

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