Azure Site Recovery Architecture

Well, let’s discuss the architecture of the Azure Site Recovery for your Azure Virtual Machines and the different components involved as part of the Azure Site Recovery Architecture.

Azure Site Recovery Architecture Diagram

Replication Process

Azure Site Recovery Architecture

In Case of Failover

Azure Site Recovery Architecture Diagram

Main Components Of the Azure Site Recovery Architecture

Below are the main components that are part of Azure Site Recovery architecture.

Source Environments

The lists of main components for the source environments.

Source Region Virtual Machines

The list of Azure Virtual machines running on the supported source region with the supported operating systems.

Storage for your Source Virtual Machines

The managed or non-managed disks of the Azure Virtual machines.

VNets For your Source Virtual Machines

The subnets in the virtual network where your source Azure Virtual Machine is located.

Cache storage account

During replication, the changes in the Virtual machines are initially stored in the Cache storage, and then the changes are stored in the target storage. This is why Cache storage accounts are vital in the source Environment.

Destination Environments

Below are the components for the Destination environments.

You can get the opportunity to create the resources in the target automatically from the Site Recovery at the moment you are trying to enable the replication for a Virtual Machine.

Target subscription

The subscription should be the same as the Source subscription.

Resource Group For the Target

The Site Recovery creates a new resource group in the destination region with the suffix “asr.”

VNet For the Target

The virtual network where your Virtual machines will be stored once after the failover.

Storage Account For the Target

The storage account is where the data will replicate in the target environment if your virtual machine does not use the managed disk.

Replica Managed Disk For the Target

This replicates the managed disk in the target where the data is replicated.

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Wrapping Up

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