Azure SQL Limitations

Let’s point out a few lists of limitations of Azure SQL database.

Azure SQL Database Limitations

Along with the different benefits, the Azure SQL database also has a few limitations. Those are as below

  1. You won’t be able to use the Windows authentication on Azure SQL. Only you can able to use the Azure Active Directory tokens login as well as the SQL logins.
  2. Another limitation is you won’t get the Database Diagrams here in the case of Azure SQL.
  3. There is no Extensible key management functionality available in the case of Azure SQL.
  4. There is no support for event tracking or notification features.
  5. Microsoft is only responsible for managing different features like backup & restore, Always-On, database mirroring, log shipping, etc. You won’t have the opportunity to do some configuration by yourself. You have to depend on Microsoft only.
  6. Another important thing is Replication features are not available in the case of Azure SQL.
  7. Another major limitation is that server-level permissions are not available with Azure SQL.
  8. Azure SQL won’t support FILESTREAM, which is pointing to any of the external locations.
  9. You won’t be able to manage hardware-related server settings like memory, worker threads, CPU affinity, etc.
  10. There is no support for the Export and import of a database that has an external data source, tables.
  11. You won’t get the support for the Cross-database ownership chaining feature.
  12. There is no support for the SSIS and MDS.
  13. There is no provision to update or change the Collation settings of system objects in the DB.

Just wondering if you are interested in creating an Azure SQL database.


No doubt, Azure SQL database has a lot of benefits. At the same time, it has a few limitations as well. In this article, we tried listing a few key Azure SQL limitations.