How to restore Azure VM from backup

Recently, I restored the Azure VM from the backup for one of my clients. We will discuss the complete steps as part of this article.

How to restore VM from backup in Azure

Well, now is the time to restore the backup. Azure backup provides multiple ways to restore the backup: Creating a new VM, Storing a VM Disk, replacing a Disk on your existing VM, etc.

The first step is to select a restore point. Follow the quick steps below.

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal and search for “Backup Center.”
  2. Click on the Restore button on the Backup Center window.
Azure VM Backup Restore

3. On the next window, Select the Datasource type as Azure Virtual machines and then select Backup instance as the VM. Click on the Continue button.

how to restore Azure VM

4. Click on the Select option to choose a restore point on the Restore Virtual Machine window.

how to restore Azure VM data from the recovery points

5. Under Restore Configuration, Choose Create new option if you want to create a new Virtual machine, or you can also choose Replace existing option if you want to replace the disk of an existing VM.

how to restore Azure VM data from the recovery point

6. I have selected the Create new option to create a new virtual machine.

7. Select the Restore type as Create new virtual machine. Now, provide the details below.

  • Virtual machine name: Provide a unique name for your VM.
  • Resource Group: You can select an existing Resource Group or create a new one.
  • Virtual Network: Select where you want to place your virtual machine.
  • Staging Location: You need to select the storage account here.

8. Finally, click on the Restore button.

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This article discussed how to restore Azure VM from backup. Thanks for reading this article !!!