Sentinel Workbooks

Azure Sentinel Workbooks

In Azure Sentinel, You can add a new Workbook or use the predefined or inbuilt workbooks templates. Let’s deep dive into a complete tutorial on Azure Sentinel Workbooks.

Sentinel Workbooks

Azure Sentinel Workbooks help you visualize and monitor your data. Not only that, it can also help you to build interactive reports.

You can visualize and monitor your data using the built-in workbooks template or even the option to create new workbooks.

How to access Azure Sentinel Workbooks

You can find the Sentinel Workbook in Azure using the below quick instructions.

  1. Navigate to the respective Azure Sentinel page.
  2. Click on the Workbooks link from the left side, as shown below.
sentinel workbook

How to use the built-in workbooks

  • On the Microsoft Senitel page –> click on the Workbooks link from the left side –> Then click on the Templates tab.
sentinel workbooks
  • Click on the View Template button to see the template.
  • Click on the Save button to edit the template –> Select the location and click the ok button on the next pop-up.
workbook in sentinel
  • Now, click on the View Saved Workbooks button.
azure sentinel workbooks
  • Then click on the Edit button to edit the Workbook template.
Microsoft sentinel workbooks

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How to create workbooks in Sentinel

  1. To create or add a new Azure Sentinel Workbook, click on the + Add workbook as shown below.
workbook sentinel

2. If you want to edit the workbook, click on the Edit button.

workbooks in sentinel

3. Once you are done with the editing of your workbook, click on the save button.

  • Title: Provide a title for your new workbook.
  • Subscription: Choose your Azure subscription.
  • Resource Group: Select the resource group.
  • Location: Choose the location.

Finally, click on the Save button to save the changes.

what is workbook in sentinel

4. If you want to open another workbook in the same workspace, click the Open button below.

azure sentinel workbook

Then click on the one workbook you want to open from the list.

Microsoft sentinel workbook

How to refresh your Azure Sentinel Workbooks data.

There are two options available for this purpose. You can refresh your Azure Sentinel Workbooks data manually or set the autorefresh option with a specific time interval so that your Azure Sentinel Workbooks data gets refreshed automatically with the specified timeline.

  • To refresh your Azure Sentinel data manually, click the Refresh button next to the Save button.
azure workbooks
  • To set the auto-refresh option, Click on the Auto-refresh: Off option. Choose the Refresh interval (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) –> Then click the Apply button to save the changes.
workbooks sentinel

How to delete the Sentinel Workbook

Now, if you don’t want the workbook anymore and want to remove the workbook, you can click on the Delete button.

How to delete Azure Sentinel Workbooks

Then, click on the Yes button to confirm the deletion process on the next pop-up.

How to remove Azure Sentinel Workbooks


Which Microsoft sentinel security role can create workbooks?

Answer: Microsoft Sentinel Contributor role

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed a complete tutorial on Azure Sentinel Workbooks. Thanks for reading this article, and I hope this helps !!!