Azure VM Restart VS Stop

In this Azure article, we will discuss all about Azure VM Restart VS Stop.

Azure VM Restart VS Stop

You can restart your Azure Virtual machine using a few simple steps. Sometimes it fixes lots of minor issues once you restart your virtual machine and works a little faster also. But in certain scenarios, you might notice that while working on your virtual machine, it restarts automatically.

The reasons for the VM restart could be the below

  • Planned Maintenance Activities From Microsoft.
  • Multiple actions by the User
  • Updates from Azure Security Center
  • Security Violations
  • Virtual Machine Crash Issue
  • Faults with the Host Server
  • Unplanned maintenance from the Azure Team

If you want to restart the virtual machine by yourself manually, you can follow the below steps

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal (
  2. Search for the Virtual machines and then click on the search result in Virtual machines.
  3. You can able to see the list of virtual machines that you have created already. Click on the specific virtual machine that you want to restart.
  4. On the Virtual Machine page, click on the Overview tab, you can click on the Restart button which is present next to the start button as highlighted below to restart the virtual machine.
How to restart Azure VM Azure Portal

This is all about the restart option for the Azure Virtual Machine.

Whereas, If you are not using your virtual machine time being, you can just stop your Azure Virtual machine and the important thing is you can save the bill also.

You can stop the Azure Virtual machine using a few easy steps. An important point to note here is, that when you are stopping the Azure virtual machine it is not just shutting down the operating system, But it actually deallocates all the compute resources allocated to the virtual machine as well.

So you will not charge for the compute resources that your VM is using. Once you will stop the Azure Virtual machine, the status of your Virtual Machine will be “Stopped (Deallocated)” state.

Azure VM Restart VS Stop

In case, your Virtual Machine is getting restarted automatically, you can check out Why did my Azure VM restart automatically.

Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed all about Azure VM Restart VS Stop. Thanks for reading this article !!!