Azure Create VM from Snapshot

Recently, while working on an Azure application, I got a requirement to create a VM from a snapshot in Azure. For this, I created using the Azure portal as well as PowerShell. In this Azure tutorial, I will show you how to create a VM from a snapshot in Azure from the portal and by using a PowerShell script step by step.

I will also show you how to create a snapshot of the Azure VM.

Create a VM from snapshot in Azure

Before creating a VM from a snapshot in Azure, create the snapshot of your Azure VM if you have not done so.

Now, follow the below steps to create a VM from a snapshot in Azure using Azure Portal.

1. Search for the Disks on the Global search bar in the Azure Portal and click on the search result Disks as highlighted below.

how to create vm from snapshot in azure portal

2. On the Disks Page, click the +Add button to create a new managed Disk. Now on the Managed disk page, Provide the below details.

  • Subscription: Select the correct subscription you want to use here to create the managed disk.
  • Resource group: Either you can choose your Existing resource group or you can also create a new one.
  • Disk Name: Provide a unique name for the disk.
  • Region: Make sure to select the region your snapshot was saved in; otherwise, you won’t be able to see your snapshot.
  • Size: Click the change size link to select the size based on your requirements and usage.
  • Source type: Choose the source type option as the snapshot.
  • Source Snapshot: Make sure to choose the snapshot you created above.

Finally, click on the Review + Create button as highlighted below.

create vm from snapshot azure

Once You click on the Review + Create button, it will validate all the details you provided and show you Validation Passed once all the details are correct. Then, you can see the Create button is enabled. Click on the Create button to create the new managed disk.

Now, you can see that the deployment is completed successfully without any issues. Click the Go-To Resource button to navigate the newly created managed Disk.

create azure vm from snapshot

The next step is to click the + Create VM button on the Disk page to create the new Virtual Machine, as highlighted below.

create vm from disk snapshot azure

Now, Fill in the below details on the Create a Virtual Machine page as highlighted below

  • Resource Group: Provide the Resource Group Details here. You can also create a new Resource group by clicking the Create new link.
  • Virtual Machine Name: Provide a unique name for your Virtual Machine.
  • Image: Make sure to choose the proper image option.
  • Size: Select the size for your Virtual machine based on your requirements.
  • Public Inbound Ports: Select the Public Inbound Ports based on your requirements.
  • Select Inbound Ports: Provide the proper Select Inbound Ports as mentioned below.
  • License type: Select the Proper License type based on yours.
  • Would you like to use an existing Windows server License?: Select the correct choice based on your need.

Finally, click on the Review + Create button.

create a vm from snapshot azure
snapshot azure vm

After validating all the details, you can see the Create button. Click on the Create button to create the Virtual Machine from the snapshot. After a few seconds, you can see the Deployment is completed successfully. Click the Go to Resource button to see the newly created Virtual machine.

Above, we have used Azure Portal. You may also check out Create a VM from a snapshot in Azure using PowerShell, if you wish to use PowerShell.


What is VM snapshots?

Virtual machine snapshots help preserve the data and state of a virtual machine at some point. You can also consider that a VM snapshot is a copy of the disk file of your Virtual machine. VM snapshots are very helpful to recover a virtual machine from a disaster immediately.

Consider a scenario where you want to get certain data from the snapshot without restoring the complete VM. In that case, one of the excellent ways is to create a VM from the snapshot and get the specific data you need.

Assuming you have a little idea about Azure Virtual Machine and VM snapshots, let’s discuss the Prerequisites needed to Create Azure Windows Virtual Machine From A Snapshot using PowerShell.

Wrapping Up

Well, In this article, we have discussed How To Create Azure Windows Virtual Machine From A Snapshot using PowerShell and Azure Portal?.