Azure Web App vs App Service

Let us discuss the key differences between the Azure web app and Azure app service Web App (Azure web app vs App service).

Azure web app vs App service

Let’s discuss a tabular comparison between Azure app service vs Azure web app.

Azure web appAzure app service
The web app is a part of the most popular Azure app service.
This is a fully managed service that helps to develop and deploy business-standard web applications. You can check out the Azure Web App Tutorial for more details.
Azure app service is a fully managed Platform as a Service that provides all the services needed to create different web apps, mobile apps, API Apps etc.
You can create a website in seconds with the help of this.Create and host web apps and mobile apps in seconds.
This platform integrates Microsoft Azure Websites, Mobile Services, and BizTalk Services into one.
This platform supports  .NET, Java, PHP, Python frameworks, etc.Supports multiple languages like Java, .Net, PHP, etc.
The key features of Azure app services are

Can easily integrate with TFS, GitHub, etc

Supports continuous integration and deployment

It can develop a highly secure and standard web application.
The key features of Azure app services are

You can build operating system-independent applications

Create and host web apps and mobile apps in seconds.

Can easily build tools to automate business processes

Can easily integrate with Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc

Supports multiple languages like Java, .Net, PHP, etc


This is all about Azure web apps vs App service—the key differences between them. Now, you will use the Azure web app or App service based on your needs. Thanks for reading this article !!!