Azure App Service Tutorial

This article will give a complete tutorial on Azure App Service, including what Azure App Service is, its features, pricing details, etc.

What Is Azure App Service

Azure App Service is an excellent web hosting service from Microsoft that helps you build from small to large applications. Not only that, but it also helps to build different services and APIs.

Provides you with different Plans like Free, Basic, Standard, Premium, Isolated, etc., and you need to choose the one based on your needs.

Key Features Of Azure App Service

Below is a list of a few key features of Azure App Service.

  • Provides you with zero-downtime deployments.
  • High security.
  • You will get a dedicated App environment.
  • Can easily integrate with Virtual Networks.
  • Microsoft fully manages this service. Microsoft takes care of the maintenance, patching, Security, etc.
  • Flexible pricing options are available. You can choose the plan based on your need.
  • It provides you with a built-in monitoring facility.

Azure App Service Cost

The Azure App Service is based on the Pay-as-you-go pricing model. It provides multiple plans like Free, Basic, Standard, Premium, Isolated, etc.

Each plan has different features and prices.

It’s Free.You need to pay ₹1.225 per hourYou need to pay ₹6.845 per hourYou need to pay ₹7.277 per hourYou need to pay ₹20.533 per hour

Check out Azure App Service Pricing for the complete information on Pricing and the provided features.


Is Azure App Service PaaS or SAAS

Answer: PaaS

Why is Azure App Services considered platform as a service?

Answer: It provides a perfect platform for developers to build Web and mobile applications.

Is Azure App Service serverless

Answer: No


In this Azure article, we discussed What Is Azure App Service, the Key Features Of Azure App Service, and the Azure app service cost, etc. Thanks for reading this article !!!