Benefits of Azure AD

Azure Active Directory is the cloud version of Active Directory. Azure AD is also known as the single and universal cloud-based identity and access management platform. To know more about Azure AD, refer to my article What is the Azure active directory and how Azure AD works?

Benefits of Azure Active Directory

Below are the top 7 key Azure AD Benefits

1- Single sign-on feature

Azure Active Directory has an excellent feature, i.e., Single sign-on, that helps to sign on multiple applications efficiently. If new employees join your organization, it helps onboard them faster.

You can terminate the access of employees leaving the Organization faster. It really helps a lot in terms of the performance factor.

2- Provides Azure AD multi-factor authentication

This is another important feature of the Azure Active Directory that helps to do multi-factor authentication that helps to protect from hackers or suspicious users accessing your data completely. This ensures the highest levels of access security.

Azure Active Directory is one of the best options for the Authentication purpose for the Organization.

3- Self Service Password Management

Using Azure AD, users can change their passwords, they can create a new password with just a few clicks themself. Password Management will be easier by using the Azure Active Directory.

4- Multiple group creation and Management

You can create groups based on department names or your business needs. Then, you can give group-level access instead of giving access to individuals, which is time-consuming. Give access to a set of people at one short.

5- Multiple Platform Support

One more cool benefit of Azure AD is, that it can run on multiple platforms irrespective of technologies. It can run on a non-Microsoft environment as well.

6- Privileged Account Management

Creating multiple Admin accounts is not at all a good idea, instead, with this feature, instead of creating multiple admin accounts, we can create just-in-time Administrative access to do the same admin activity.

This helps to safeguard your data from multiple persons.

7- Highly Available

Azure Active Directory is highly available in many data centers across the world. Azure AD is available in any place and with any device.

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Here, we discussed the top 7 key Azure Active Directory benefits. Now, you decide if you wish to go with Azure Active Directory as an individual or as an organization referring to the above information. Thanks for reading this article !!!