When to use cosmos DB vs SQL server

Are you confused? When to use Azure Cosmos DB and when to use SQL server? Now let’s discuss when to use Cosmos DB vs SQL server and the difference between Cosmos DB and SQL server.

When to use Cosmos DBWhen to use SQL server
If you want to build a high-performance application.When you want to use a simple RDBMS for your application.
When you have the requirement to use a no SQL database.If you have a low budget, You can get it with a very little budget as compared to Azure Cosmos DB.
When your application needs a fast, stable, and large database.When you require to go for a simple, user-friendly database.
If you require to use a globally distributed and multi-model database.
When you have a bit more budget, the cosmos DB is a bit expensive compared to the SQL server.

Now, let’s discuss the basic difference between Azure Cosmos DB vs SQL Server.

Azure Cosmos DBSQL Server
It is a No SQL database.It is a relational database.
It is auto-scalable.It is quite easy to configure and integrates easily with Visual Studio and .Net.
For data analysis, you can easily integrate with  MSBI.
It is a high speed compared to SQL server.
It is a bit expensive.It is cheaper than Azure Cosmos DB.
Low Latency.
Auto indexing
Can easily run and manage under Azure Cloud.
It is easy to use.
Supports data in JSON format.
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I hope you got the answer now: When to use cosmos DB vs SQL server. If you want a fast, large, and stable database and, of course, a bit expensive database, go for cosmos DB, and if your requirement is a low-budget, simple, and user-friendly database, then go for SQL Server.