Azure Rights Management

What Is Azure Rights Management

In this Azure tutorial, we will discuss all about Azure Rights Management.

Azure Rights Management

Azure Rights Management or Azure RMS is one of the best technologies that is part of Azure Information Protection that helps you to safeguard or protect your files and emails with the help of different advanced encryption algorithms, different authorization policies, identity, etc.

Azure RMS makes sure that your data is safe and protected.

As per the Azure Rights Management policy, the data inside or outside the organization is safe, and the important point is the protection settings remain as it is with your data.

You can use Azure RMS with subscriptions for Azure Information Protection or with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Azure Rights Management ensures only authorized persons and services can read the protected data.

It uses the techniques below as the key

  • Encryption
  • Authorization
  • Identity
  • Decryption

The first step is Azure Rights Management encrypts your contents —> As a second step, it assigns an access policy –> As the final step, Azure Rights Management decrypts the data for the user that satisfies the policy requirement.

What is Azure rights management used for?

Azure Rights Management is an excellent protection technology that helps you to protect your files and emails across devices such as a PC, phone, tablet, etc.

Why Microsoft Azure Rights Management?

As an organization, you must always provide different access to different sets of people for accessing a document. For example, as an organization, you have an important document that you want a few people to be able to view, and a set of people can edit the contents of that particular document.

One of the ultimate solutions is to secure your crucial information.

Microsoft Azure Rights Management service can help you to solve this type of problem. You can create a policy based on this type of requirement.

An Administrator can apply for this permission and create these policies based on the organization’s requirements.

Features of Microsoft Azure Rights Management

Well, let’s discuss a few key features of Microsoft Azure Rights Management.

  • You can protect any file with the help of Microsoft Azure Rights Management. There are no restrictions for the file type.
  • Signing up for the free Azure Rights Management plan for an individual subscription is possible.
  • You will get an immediate notification if somebody tries to print the document that Azure Rights Management protects.
  • You will get customized support options in case of On-premises RMS services.

How to activate Azure rights management

There are multiple ways to activate Azure rights management.

  • Using Azure Portal
  • Using Microsoft 365 admin center

How to activate Azure rights management using Azure Portal

You can easily enable Azure rights management from the Azure Portal using the steps below.

  • Log in to the Azure Portal (
  • Search for Azure Information Protection and select Azure Information Protection.
  • Select¬†Protection activation from the Manage menu options.
  • Click on the Activate option and then confirm the activation.

How to activate Azure rights management using Microsoft 365 admin center

There is another way to quickly activate the Azure rights management using the Microsoft 365 admin center. Follow the below steps

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, navigate to the Rights Management page.

Or, from the admin center itself, click on Settings –> then select Org settings –> click on the Services tab –> Microsoft Azure Information Protection –> select the Manage Microsoft Azure Information Protection settings option if you want to navigate to the Rights Management page.

2. Click on the activate option on the rights management page.

3. It will ask you Do you want to activate Rights Management?. now, you need to click on the activate option.


What is Microsoft Information Rights Management

Microsoft Information Rights Management helps you to protect your data and controls the security of your data. If you don’t want somebody to print, forward, or copy your document, or you don’t want somebody to mark your document, then Microsoft Information Rights Management is the right choice.

You also have the provision to specify a period after the specified time; only people can access the document.

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