How to snapshot Azure VM using Azure Portal

I was working on a critical requirement to create a snapshot of Azure VM using Azure Portal. This article will discuss a step-by-step guide to creating a snapshot in Azure VM.

How to snapshot Azure VM using Azure Portal

Follow the below steps to take a snapshot of Azure VM.

1. log in to the Azure Portal (

2. Navigate to the respective virtual machine for the one you want to create the snapshot. Then click on the Disks link from the left navigation. Now click on the Disk name under the OS disk section highlighted below.

how to snapshot azure vm

3. Now, click on the + Create snapshot button on the Disk page as shown below.

take snapshot azure vm

4. Fill out the below details as shown here

  • Resource group: You can select the existing resource group or if you don’t want to use the existing resource group, you click on the Create new link to create a new resource group.
  • Name: Provide a unique name for the snapshot.
  • Snapshot type: Select the snapshot type as per your requirement.
  • Storage type: Select the storage type based on your requirements.

Once you have provided the above details, click the Review + Create button.

create snapshot azure vm

Now, it will validate all the details you provided and show you Validation Passed once all the details are correct. Then you can able to see the Create button is enabled. Click on the Create button to create the Snapshot for the Virtual machine.

You can see that the deployment was completed successfully without any issues. Click the Go to Resource button to navigate to the Snapshot you created.

snapshot azure vm

Take a snapshot of Azure VM – Video Tutorial

Now, our VM snapshot is ready to be used. You can check out how to create a VM from a snapshot in Azure using Azure Portal.

You can also check out how to create a snapshot of Azure VM using PowerShell.


This article discussed how to take Azure VM snapshots using Azure Portal. Thanks for reading this article !!!