How to delete Resource Group in Azure

In this Azure article, we will discuss how to delete Azure Resource Group using Azure Portal and PowerShell, etc.

How to delete Resource Group in Azure

If you have decided to delete the resource group, then follow the below steps to delete the Resource group or stop a resource group in Azure.

1. log in to Azure Portal (

2. Navigate to the resource group you want to delete and click the Delete resource group button.

azure delete resource group

3. Now type the Resource group name for the confirmation and click the Delete button to Delete the Resource Group.

azure how to delete resource group

How to delete Resource Group in Azure using PowerShell

Well, let’s see here: How to delete a resource group in Azure PowerShell? Use the below PowerShell cmdlet to delete the resource group.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Remove-AzResourceGroup -Name ResourceGroupName

For Example

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Remove-AzResourceGroup -Name MyNewresgroupupdt

Run the above command and click the Yes button to confirm the delete operation. Check out the screenshot below.

how to delete a resource group in azure

Once you click the Yes button, the Resource Group will delete successfully without any issue.

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How to delete all Resource Groups in Azure subscription

To delete all the resource groups using PowerShell, you can use the below PowerShell cmdlet

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-AzureRmResourceGroup | Remove-AzureRmResourceGroup

The above command uses the Get-AzureRmResourceGroup cmdlet to get all resource groups and then passes them to Remove-AzureRmResourceGroup by using the pipeline operator.

 Get-AzureRmResourceGroup cmdlet is used to get all the resource groups, and then it passes them to Remove-AzureRmResourceGroup with the help of the pipeline operator.

delete azure resource group

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In this Azure article, we discussed how to delete Resource Group in Azure using Azure Portal and PowerShell. Thanks for reading this article !!!