Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure

We discussed many advantages of Microsoft Azure. Now is the time to discuss a few disadvantages of Azure.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure

Below are a few key lists of disadvantages of Microsoft Azure cloud that you need to consider while you are going with Azure.

1- Platform expertise needed

If you are working with an On-premises environment, then you need a few resources that will have to have the cloud environment knowledge. Without expertise, it is difficult for the resources to manage. As a cloud platform is a demand in the market so probably you need to pay a lot to make them experts for the cloud platform.

2- Manage Azure by yourself for a few cases

For a few cases like managing your cloud data centers, you need to manage with your own resources as Microsoft will not take care of that. You have to extra from your pocket for the resources.

3- Single vendor strategy

Sometimes Azure forces you to use all the products from there only. It is risky in some cases like in case of any failure or data loss, your all data will get affected. But If you are dealing with another vendor for the other part then there is a chance your that data will be saved.

4- Speed might be an issue in a few cases

For some specific regions, you might face some slowness issues that might affect your business. Though it is minimal but can be considered as a disadvantage.

If you are happy with Azure seeing the above lists of key disadvantages, you can create your Azure free account now.

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Wrapping Up

Well, here we discussed the list of key disadvantages of Azure. Now it’s your turn to decide. Thanks for reading this article !!!