Azure Create Tags

How Do I Make Azure Tag

This Azure tutorial will discuss How To Create Tags In Azure.

How to create tags in Azure DevOps

It is so simple to create tags in Azure DevOps. Just follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to the Work Item in your Azure DevOps project and click on the Add tag button from the top, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

create tags in azure devops

2. Provide a name for the new tag and then hit the enter button.

how to create a new tag in azure devops

3. Finally, click the Save button to save the changes, as shown in the screenshot below.

how to create a tag in azure devops

You can click on the + button next to the tag name to add one more tag as shown in the screenshot below.

how to create tag in azure devops

To remove the tag in Azure DevOps, click on the X button next to the tag name and then click on the Save button.

azure devops create tags

How To Create Tags In Azure

Let’s discuss how to create Azure tags using Azure Portal. Follow the below steps to create or apply the Azure tag.

1. Log in to Azure Portal (

2. Navigate to the Resource group for which you want to create the Azure tag.

3. On the resource group page, if you can see the Overview tab, See the Tags (Change) option. Now click on the Click here to add tags link to add the tags.

azure create tag

4. You can provide the name and value for the tag like below.

create a tag in azure devops

5. You can keep adding the name and value if you want more tags, and then click on the Save button to save the changes.

azure devops create tags

You can see here it added the assigned tags successfully without any issues.

Create Azure Tags Using Azure Portal

6. The tags are displayed if you see the Overview tab of the resource group.

tags in azure

7. if you want to add a new tag or delete an existing one, click the Change link.

8. Click the delete icon to delete a tag and then click the save button to save the changes.

create tag in azure devops

Assign Tags To Multiple Resources

You can assign tags to multiple resources at a time using Azure Portal.

Select all the lists of resources and then click on the Assign tags button from the top menu.

how to add tags in azure devops

Add the names and values to the Assign tags window and click the Save button.

create tags azure devops

You can see below it Successfully assigned the tag to all three resources.

How to Create Azure Tags in Azure Portal

View All Resources With A Tag

If you want to view all the tags in Azure Portal.

Search for the Tag in the Azure Portal and click on the Search result Tags.

View All Resources With A Tag

You can click on each tag below to see the corresponding resources.

View All Resources With A Tag in Azure Portal

Now, for example, If you click on the TSINFO: IT, you can see it showed me all the resources that belong to this tag.

View All Resources With A Tag using Azure Portal


What is the purpose of creating tag in Azure service?

Service tags can help you define different Azure Firewalls, Network access controls, etc. The interesting part here is that while creating security rules, you can use these service tags instead of IP addresses.

What is Azure Tag Manager

If you want to keep the Azure tags in your whole environment consistent, It isn’t easy to manually manage the Azure tags consistency. Here is the Azure Tag Manager that helps you with this purpose.

Below are a few key points about the Azure Tag Manager

  1. Helps you with tag consistency throughout Subscriptions and resource groups.
  2. You can perform Bulk Edit tags and Import and Export tags easily with the help of the Azure Tag Manager.
  3. It helps you to reduce the cost.

What is Azure Tags Inheritance

Tags applied to your subscription or resource group aren’t directly inherited by your resources. But Azure tag policy helps you to add or replace the provided tag and value from the parent resource group.


In this article, we discussed How To Create Azure Tags and Create tags in Azure using PowerShell and Azure CLI. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial !!!