7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure + Azure for Business

In this Azure tutorial, we will discuss the 7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure + Azure for Business. Apart from this, we will also discuss on few other topics

7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure + Azure for Business
  • 7 key benefits of Azure
  • Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Well, Before discussing the Benefits of Microsoft Azure, we will discuss What is Microsoft Azure ?

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud services that help your organization to meet your business requirements. With the help of Azure, users can build, manage, and deploy different applications using various tools and frameworks.

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Now I hope you have some idea about Microsoft Azure, Let’s discuss the Benefits of Microsoft Azure

There are many advantages to Microsoft Azure. So almost 90% of the Fortune companies are using Microsoft Azure as their cloud solution. Microsoft is leading the cloud market providing Microsoft Azure as the cloud solution.

Microsoft Azure has one additional advantage i.e. it can integrate with all Microsoft products. So those who has already Microsoft infrastructure, Azure perfectly helps your applications with Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Below are a few Key Features and Benefits of Microsoft Azure and why many companies prefer Microsoft Azure as their cloud solution.

7 key benefits of Azure

Below are the lists of Microsoft Azure Features that you need to consider in terms of the benefits of using Azure.

1- Security

As we all know the security of your data is very important and this is a key factor to be considered. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft ensures the complete protection of your data with Azure as a cloud solution.

Microsoft provides various advanced security tools and technology like Azure Information Protection, and Advanced Threat Analytics for Azure environments to ensure the complete safeguard of your data.

One more important thing is Azure provides Multi-Factor Authorization that really helps to completely protect you from hackers or suspicious users accessing your data. This ensures the highest levels of access security.

When we are deciding on a new environment, the first question that comes to our mind is how safe our data is there. Now you can be confident enough that your data is completely Protected in the Azure environment.

2- High Availability

Being a very big Brand, Microsoft has data centers in almost all parts of the world. Microsoft Azure provides high availability compared to other cloud services in the market now. It ensures almost 99.95% of uptime.

So it is a proven factor that Azure provides high availability so many of the Fortune companies prefer to use Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution.

3- Cost Effective

Microsoft Azure is one of the cost-effective cloud solutions compared to the other vendors in the market. It provides the pay-as-you-go model meaning pay for that only what you are using. You can buy only what u want to use with some extra features.

Using Azure Organisation can software as services (SaaS) applications by which organizations can save infrastructure costs and maintenance costs because this will be taken care of by Microsoft. This is one of the major reasons for the Organisation to go with Microsoft Azure as a primary choice.

4- High Scalability

Scaling is the ability of the system to adjust the amount of workload or traffic with the web application or increase or decrease the resources for the application based on the workload or the traffic is known as Scaling.

When we are increasing the more instances based on the demand of workload or the traffic that is known as the scaling out in Azure.

So, one of the important features of Microsoft Azure is, that it is highly scalable and will auto-scale based on demand. This is another reason why companies prefer Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution.

5- Massive Data Support

Microsoft Azure has the capability to deal with a massive amount of data without any issues. It allows you to handle and analyze any amount of data at a time. It has lots of storage options where data can be stored with safeguards.

6- Flexibility

Microsoft Azure is very much flexible. It can adapt to any change in the environment immediately. Flexible for many platforms.

7- Hybrid Capability

Azure provides you with the benefit of creating hybrid environments, that allow you to leverage your on-premise resources and benefits of the cloud environment with very little cost solutions.

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Overall, these are 7 key benefits of Azure. Now let’s discuss the Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business.

Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business

Well, let’s discuss here a few key benefits of Microsoft Azure specific to Business. Why many companies from small companies to very big brands are crazy about using Microsoft Azure as their cloud solutions?

1- A Better Choice For Small Business

Microsoft Azure is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups as well as for big companies. The reason behind this is Azure works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model to meet your requirements. Startups or small businesses can save a lot of money on infrastructure management costs and hardware costs as Microsoft takes care of that. That means a lot in the case of startups.

2- Best implementation with IaaS and PaaS

IaaS ( infrastructure as a service) is the pay-as-yo-go for services like Storage, Networking, etc. and Paas (platform as a service) is the hardware and software tools part. You will get all your IT and services as part of your infrastructure from the Microsoft Azure perspective.

3- Security and compliance

Microsoft Azure provides the best security options to protect your data. Already I have described in detail on this. You can refer to that. Coming back to compliance, Azure has around 90 compliance certifications, including over 50 specific to global regions and countries, and is on the top of the list.

4- Disaster recovery

Microsoft Azure has the capability to recover the data within a span of time in case of any failures and will make sure the business will continue without any impact. This is one of the great and much-needed benefits of Microsoft Azure.

5- Agility

Agility is one more offering from Microsoft Azure. Agility and Azure both help companies work on their core solutions directly without getting worried about IT infrastructure and other services.

With the help of Azure, your business can easily build, manage, and deploy all the applications with customer-focused features.

6- Storage and Virtual Machine support

Microsoft provides multiple storage options for any kind of data. Has many data centers all over the world. Can store any type of massive data with the encrypted data format. It will store all your data with all the security that protects your data.

One more excellent benefit of Azure is the offering of the Virtual Machine. You can quickly create various Virtual Machines with different operating systems like Windows and Linux, etc. with a few clicks. You can create a virtual machine based on your usage or purpose.

Virtual machines are like physical systems that help to perform the day to day activities. Starting from small businesses to large organizations, everyone is using Virtual Machines. This is one of the cool reasons for the business to choose Microsoft Azure as their cloud solution.

7- Software Updates

In Microsoft Azure, the updates of the software are automated. Which helps all the organizations to grow faster with the latest update features.

Well, we have discussed various benefits of Microsoft Azure, So start creating a free Azure account from today.

Along with the above lists of advantages, you can check out the disadvantages of Microsoft Azure

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Well, in this Azure tutorial, we have discussed the Benefits of Microsoft Azure, the 7 Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure and the Role of Azure for your business, Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business. Hope you enjoyed this article !!!!