What are tags in Azure

Do you know What Azure tags Are? In this article, we will discuss what tags are in Azure.

What are tags in Azure

Azure tagging is an excellent feature from Microsoft introduced recently that can help you logically group your Azure resources and help you to track your resources. It also helps to automate the deployments of the resources. Another important feature is this feature helps to provide the visibility of the resource costs they are liable for.

Azure tags enable the keyvalue pairs to be created and assigned to the resources in Azure using Azure PortalPowerShell. Azure CLI, etc.

Along with the Azure resources, you can also use Azure tags to organize the Azure resource groups and the Azure Subscriptions.

Note: Tag names and Tag Values are case-sensitive in nature.

Why Use The Azure Tag?

The main intention of using the Azure tags is to organize the resources in the Azure Portal. When you are organizing the resources properly helps you to identify the category that the resources belong to. So basically, Azure tags are the name-value pairs that help to organize the Azure resources in the Azure Portal.

When you have more resources in your Azure Portal, that time helps you to categorize your Azure Resources. If you will take an example here, Suppose you have 8 Virtual machines (VM) in your Azure Subscription. Of the 8 virtual machines, 2 are under our development environment, 2 are for the QA environment, and the next 2 belong to our Production environment. So we can tag them as Environment – Development, Environment – QA, or Environment – Production. Now, we can easily see each resource coming under a specific environment.

If you analyze your detailed Azure usage report, you will find the entry for the tags you assigned for your Azure resources.

Now, returning to our main point, to make Azure tag, let’s discuss that.

First, you need the Write access to the Azure resource to apply the Azure tag for that resource. Ensure you have to write access before creating the Azure tag.

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