What is Azure Cloud Shell

What is Azure Cloud Shell

In this Azure article, we will discuss Azure Cloud Shell and how to access Azure Cloud Shell, etc.

What is Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based Shell environment to create and manage your Azure resources.

Azure Cloud Shell provides you with two options either Bash or PowerShell to use based on your requirement.

How to access Azure Cloud Shell

There are two ways to access Azure Cloud Shell.

  • Access directly via the https://shell.azure.com link.
  • Accessing Azure Cloud Shell from Azure Portal by following the below steps.

Log in to Azure Portal –> Click on the Cloud Shell option from the top right next to the Search box.

Azure Cloud Shell

Then from the dropdown, choose either PowerShell or Bash based on your requirement.

you need an azure subscription to use azure cloud shell


Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Azure cloud shell.

Which resource is required to use Azure cloud shell

Answer: Below are the resources that are needed here.

What can you use to launch the Azure cloud shell?

Answer: You can access the Azure Cloud Shell from below.

What is the use of Azure Cloud shell?

Answer: You can develop and manage Azure resources using Azure Cloud Shell.

How do I save files in Azure cloud shell?

Answer: You can press Ctrl + S keys from your keyboard to save the file.

What should you use to access Azure cloud shell

Answer: User Azure Portal and click on the Cloud Shell icon from the top.

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Final thoughts

In this Azure article, we discussed What is Azure Cloud Shell, how to access it, and a few Related FAQs. Thanks for reading this article !!!