Azure DevOps vs Jenkins

Azure DevOps vs Jenkins

Azure DevOps and Jenkins are the tools that are used for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). Though they look similar but, there are some key differences between them in this article, we are going to point out the key differences between Azure DevOps and Jenkins.

Azure DevOps vs Jenkins

Let’s do a tabular comparison between these two.

Azure DevOpsJenkins
Azure DevOps, is a cloud-based CI/CD service from Microsoft. It provides a set of tools for software development that includes tools for source control management, and tools for CI/CD automation. etc. for complete information, check out What is Azure DevOps?.An open-source CI/CD tool that you can use on-premises as well as in the cloud based on your requirement. Extensive support to a number of plugins for different technologies.
Simple and user-friendly as compared to Jenkins.Need to have the technical expertise to configure as compared to AzureDevOps.
A Cloud-based service.You have the provision to use on-premises or cloud.
A Product from Microsoft.An Open source tool.
It is flexible enough for high customization.
Provides you with strong security features.
Can easily integrate with Microsoft Products.Supports integration with a wide range of plugins.
YAML interface SupportNo support for YAML interface.

Azure DevOps or Jenkins

Still, confused about Azure DevOps or Jenkins? Well, If you are already Microsoft Products, tools, and services, then go with Azure DevOps. If you wish to use an Open source tool with high customization and more control and more plugin support then Jenkins will be a great choice for you. So it’s all based on your requirement.

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Well, in this article, we have discussed the key differences between Jenkins and Azure DevOps. Both are very known tools. Now, the choice is yours. Thanks for reading this article !!!.