Azure function vs App service

Azure functions vs App service

Azure functions and App service are both services from Microsoft. Both services can be used for developing and deploying different web applications in the cloud. Though both services have some similarities, they have some key differences between them as well.

Azure function vs App service

Let’s point out a few key differences between App service and Function App.

Azure functionsAzure App Service
Azure Functions is nothing but a “Functions-as-a-service” that provides the opportunity to run a few lines of code or functions in the Azure environment to perform certain tasks. You can check out What Is Azure Functions for more details.A fully managed platform to build and deploy your web apps that are developed using different frameworks like .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.
It is called a “Functions-as-a-service,” most importantly, it is Serverless.It is a “Platform as a Service (Pass)”.
Suitable for small functionalities.Suitable for big functionalities or full-fledged web applications.
Less expensive as compared to app service. You can check out Azure Function Pricing for more information.More expensive as compared to Azure functions.
Mainly, it is event-driven.It can run continuously.
It provides you with different triggers and bindings that can help you to easily integrate with different third-party APIs.At the same time, the App service provides different interesting capabilities and features like continuous deployment, custom domains, etc.

Azure functions or App service, which is better?

Still confused between app service vs function app? Well, Whether you wish to go with Azure Functions or App service depends on your specific requirements. Suppose you need an event-driven application with a smaller functionality. In that case, you should go with Azure functions that will be less expensive for you, and if you wish to develop full-fledged web applications or a bigger functionality, then App service should be the right choice.

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In this article, we have discussed Azure app service vs Azure functions and the key differences between App service and Azure functions. The choice is yours if you wish to go with App service or Azure functions based on your requirements and we discussed here, Azure functions vs App service. Thanks for reading this article !!!