Azure Function Consumption Plan vs Premium

We have already discussed the Azure Function Premium plan in my last article. Now is the time to discuss the Azure Function Consumption Plan.

Consumption Plan vs Premium Plan

The Consumption plan is the Default plan in the case of the Azure Function. As per the consumption plan, it automatically handles the load while your Azure Function code is running by adding the necessary computing power and scales out the resources based on the situation, and when the code is not running, it scales down the resources.

If your Virtual machines are in the Ideal state, you do not need to pay anything for the same as per the Azure Function Consumption Plan.

The scale controller plays an important role in the case of a consumption plan that automatically scales the CPU and memory resources by adding additional Azure Function App instances based on the needs.

The Function App is the unit of scale for an Azure Consumption plan. All the functions inside the Azure Function App scale at the same time.

Multiple Azure Function Apps can run under the same Azure Consumption plan. As per the Consumption Plan, the memory available for one instance of the Azure Function is limited to 1.5 GB, and you can use only one CPU per instance.

Benefits Of Azure Function Consumption Plan

Below are a few key benefits of the Azure function consumption plan

  • You need to pay only when your function is running.
  • During the time of high load, it scales out automatically.

Now, you decide whether to use the Azure Function Consumption Plan or the Azure Function Premium plan based on your requirements.

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In this article, we discussed Azure Function Consumption Plan vs Premium. Thanks for reading this article !!!