Azure Function Memory Limit

Azure Function Memory Limit

This Azure tutorial will discuss the Azure Function memory limit.

Azure Functions Memory Limit

Well, here we will discuss the Azure function app memory limit. As we already know, Microsoft provides different plans for the Azure Functions, such as the Consumption, Premium, Dedicated plan, etc. So, the memory availability in the Azure Function case is based on your Azure Function plan.

Consumption Plan

  • As per the Consumption Plan, you need to pay them only for the time your functions run. For the billing in the case of a consumption plan, Microsoft considers three main factors: the number of executions, Execution duration for the Azure Function, and the memory used for your Azure Function.
  • Coming back to the Memory limit, As per the Consumption Plan, the memory available for one instance of the Azure Function is limited to 1.5 GB and can use only one CPU per instance.

Premium Plan

  • The next is the Premium Plan. For the billing in the case of the Premium Plan, Microsoft considers mainly a few factors like the number of core seconds and the memory used per the Azure Function instance.
  • In the same way, we will see that the Memory Limit in the Azure Functions under the Premium Plan is within 3.5 GB to 14 GB max.

Dedicated Plan

  • The other Plan is the Dedicated Plan, which is the same for the Function Apps in an App Service Plan for the other app service resources like Web apps.
  • The Memory Limit for the Function Apps under the dedicated plan is 1.75 GB to 14 GB.

ASE Plan

  • For the ASE plan, there is a flat monthly rate. The memory limit available for the Azure Function Apps is 3.5 GB to 14 GB.

So these are some key considerations on how much memory available for Azure Functions.

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