Azure Functions Pricing

Azure Function Pricing

In this Azure tutorial, we will discuss Azure Function Cost.

Azure Function Pricing

The Azure Functions Pricing model is based on three plans as below. You can choose the plan for the Azure functions costs based on your requirements.

  • Consumption plan
  • Premium plan
  • App Service plan

Consumption plan:

As per the Consumption plan, Azure provides all the computing resources needed for the activity. You need not worry about the compute resources. You need to pay for the time your code is running. Azure functions are billed based on the resource consumption measured by GB seconds.

Functions running on a Consumption Plan have a timeout of five minutes by default.

How this will be calculated exactly is they will multiply the average memory size in GB by the execution time that it takes to execute the function in milliseconds. The memory used by the function is calculated from 128 MB to the max 1,536 MB.

The minimum execution time is 100 ms, and the minimum memory for a single function execution is 128 MB. Functions pricing that includes a monthly free grant of 4,00,000 GB seconds.

Premium plan:

Per the Azure Function Premium plan, Azure will provide you with any additional computing resources needed for the activity. You need to pay for the resources running continuously that are initially defined by you and also any additional instances you need to use as Azure scales your application in and out operations.

App Service plan:

As per the Azure Function App Service plan, If you using your App Service for your other applications, your Azure functions can run on the same App Service plan at no extra cost.

It is unlimited for this plan. No default time out for this particular plan. Your Function may run for as long as it needs to.

As part of this plan, we need to provision a dedicated Virtual Machine, meaning you need to pay for those resources even if you are not using them completely.

If you will go a little in-depth

MeterPricing DetailsFREE GRANT (PER MONTH)
Execution TimeYou need to pay ₹0.001058/GB-s4,00,000 GB-s
Total ExecutionsYou will have to pay ₹13.220 / million executions1 million executions

As per the Premium Plan

MeterPricing Details
vCPU durationvCPU: You need to pay ₹11.434652 vCPU/hour
Memory durationMemory: You will have to pay ₹0.812984 GB/hour

You can refer to the Microsoft Official site for more information on the Azure Functions billing details.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed Azure Function Pricing. Hope you have enjoyed this article !!!