Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’

In this azure tutorial, we will discuss how to fix the error, Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’. Which I got while trying to run my Python Azure Function in the Visual Studio Code.

Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’

Recently, I had a requirement to create an Azure Function in Python using Visual Studio Code. I have created the Python Azure Function and when I press F5 to run the Azure Function to test it locally to check if the Azure Function is working, Immediately I got the error “ImportError: cannot import name ‘cygrpc'”.

importerror: cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ from ‘grpc._cython’ azure

You can see the error as below

cannot import name 'cygrpc'
importerror: cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ from ‘grpc._cython’

Now I have started searching for the fix of this issue, What I came to know is This error occurs when a Python function app fails to start with a proper Python interpreter. Mostly, you will get this error if you have installed 32-bit Python interpreter on your 64-bit operating system.

How you can Check the Python interpreter bitness

Now, We need to check if the Python interpreter bitness is correct or not. To check that,

Open the Windows PowerShell and run the below command

py -c 'import platform; print(platform.architecture()[0])'

So, when I ran the command I could able to see that the interpreter is 32 bit whereas the operating system on which I am working is 64 bit. So this is what the root cause of the issue is.

Diagnose 'cygrpc' reference error
cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ from ‘grpc._cython’

Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’ [Solved]

Now To fix this issue, I have followed the below steps

Navigate to the Python Official site to download the 64 bit Python interpreter

Clicked on the 64 bit executable file link, It downloaded the 64-bit exe in my local system.

cannot import name 'cygrpc' from 'grpc._cython' azure function
importerror: cannot import name ‘cygrpc’

Now, I double click on the exe file that I have downloaded to install in my local system

ImportError cannot import name 'cygrpc' solved

After I have installed this successfully, I have again click on the Run button to run the Azure Function project in the Visual Studio Code. This time I didn’t get any error. I got the expected OutPut

ImportError cannot import name 'cygrpc' fixed
cannot import name ‘cygrpc’

So, this is how I can able to fix the error Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’.

Cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ aws lambda

If you are getting the error “Cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ aws lambda“, then you can follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  1. The first step is to set up an EC2 instance on Amazon.
  2. After that you need to find your EC2 .pem file. Navigate to the terminal. go inside your folder that contains your EC2.pem file. Now you need to use the ssh into your instance. you can use the command ssh -i “your-file-name-here.pem”
  3. Use the command mkdir to create the folders google-cloud-vision, protobuf, google-api-python-client, httplib2, uritemplate, google-auth-httplib2.
  4. The next step is to use Cd to all the folders you have created above one by one and then run the command pip install google-cloud-vision -t with all the packages,
  5. Now, next is to copy each folder on your computer and then run the command sudo scp -r -i your-pem-file-name.pem ~/Documents/your-local-directory/ for “google-cloud-vision” folder. Same way, you need to run the command for all the remaining folders.
  6. For making an easy deployment package, create an empty folder name it as “modules”. Copy all the contents from the “google-cloud-vision” folder to the “modules” folder. Now the next is to keep only the folder named “protobuf” from the “protobuf” (sic) parent folder which is in the “Google” folder of the “modules” folder. Also from the “protobuf” parent folder, paste the Protobuf .pth file and the -info folder in the “Google” folder.
  7. The next step is for each of the folder, you need to copy and paste in the “modules” folder the folder that is named with the module name, along with this the “-info” folder and the the .pth file.
  8. Remove the two files googleapis_common_protos-1.5.3-nspkg.pth and google_cloud_vision-0.34.0-py3.6-nspkg.pth from the “modules” folder. then copy and paste everything from the “modules” folder to your deployment package folder.
  9. The final step is to keep the python script in this folder and then you need to zip the contents then you need to upload it to S3 and finally, you will have to paste the link in your AWS Lambda function.


This is nothing but a Micro framework for grpc that supports REST as well. Let’s discuss how we can install this.


You can install this cygrpc framework using pip easily. Below is the command that can be used to install this.

pip install cygrpc

You can also able to install this framework using git repository.


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Wrapping Up

Well, In this article, we discussed the fix for the error Cannot Import Name ‘cygrpc’ Which I got while trying to run my Python Azure Function in the Visual Studio Code. Along with this, we also discussed importerror: cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ from ‘grpc._cython’ azure, How you can Check the Python interpreter bitness, How you can Check the Python interpreter bitness, Cannot import name ‘cygrpc’ aws lambda, Python-cygrpc. Hope it will help you to fix your issue as well !!!