How to create Route tables in Azure

This Azure PowerShell article will discuss how to create an Azure route table Using the PowerShell command New-AzRouteTable.


You can also use the New-AzRouteTable PowerShell command to create a Route table under a specified Resource Group quickly.

Syntax of New-AzRouteTable

Below is the syntax of the New-AzRouteTable PowerShell command.

   -ResourceGroupName <String>
   -Name <String>

-Location <String>


Executed the below PowerShell script that created a new Route table TsinfoRTNew under DEMORG1 Resource Group at the “EastUs” location.

New-AzRouteTable -ResourceGroupName "DEMORG1" -Name "TsinfoRTNew" -Location "EastUs"

After executing the above PowerShell script, I got the below-expected output and the new Route table has been created successfully.

Name              : TsinfoRTNew
ResourceGroupName : DEMORG1
Location          : eastus
Id                : /subscriptions/1cdf4300-dee5-4518-9c9c-feaa72a5cbd1/resourceGroups
Etag              : W/"a74e0230-0bc0-4a31-b19d-befba7f5ee6d"
ProvisioningState : Succeeded
Tags              : 
Routes            : []
Subnets           : []

You can check out the same output in the below screenshot.


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Wrapping Up

This article discussed how to use the New-AzRouteTable PowerShell command to create an Azure route table. Thanks for reading this article !!!