How to create Route tables in Azure

How to create Route tables in Azure

In this article, we will discuss the quick steps to create Route tables in Azure.

How to create Route tables in Azure [Azure Portal]

Follow the below steps to create Azure Route Tables in Azure Portal.

  1. Log in to Azure Portal.
  2. Search for Route tables and click on the search result Route tables.
azure route table

3. Click on the + Create button or even you can also click on the Create Route Table button for the same purpose.

route table in azure
How to create a Route table in Azure

4. On the Create Route table window, provide the below details

  • Subscription: Select a valid Azure Subscription.
  • Resource Group: Choose an existing Resource Group or even you can click on the Create new link to create a new Resource Group.
  • Region: Select the region or location.
  • Name: Provide a unique name for the Route table.
  • Propagate gateway routes: Select the Yes option.

Keep the other tab values as it is and click on the Review + Create button.

How to create Azure Route tables

The system will check whether all the options entered by you are correct or not. If all ok, it will show you the Validation passed message on the next pop-up. Finally, Click on the Create button to create the Route table in Azure Portal.

How to create an Azure route table

It will take a few seconds and will show you the “Your deployment is complete” message. Click on the “Go to resource” button to navigate to the Route table that we have created.

azure route tables
route table azure

How to create Route tables in Azure Using PowerShell

You can also use the New-AzRouteTable PowerShell command to quickly create a Route table under a specified Resource Group. Let’s see that using one example.


Executed the below PowerShell script that created a new Route table TsinfoRTNew under DEMORG1 Resource Group at the “EastUs” location.

New-AzRouteTable -ResourceGroupName "DEMORG1" -Name "TsinfoRTNew" -Location "EastUs"

After executing the above PowerShell script, I got the below-expected output and the new Route table has been created successfully.

Name              : TsinfoRTNew
ResourceGroupName : DEMORG1
Location          : eastus
Id                : /subscriptions/1cdf4300-dee5-4518-9c9c-feaa72a5cbd1/resourceGroups
Etag              : W/"a74e0230-0bc0-4a31-b19d-befba7f5ee6d"
ProvisioningState : Succeeded
Tags              : 
Routes            : []
Subnets           : []

You can check out the same output in the below screenshot.


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Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed how to create Route tables in Azure. Thanks for reading this article !!!