AWS Storage Gateway

What Is AWS Storage Gateway

In this AWS article, we will discuss all about AWS Storage Gateway, and along with that, we will also discuss a few other topics like the Benefits Of AWS Storage Gateway, AWS Storage Gateway Pricing, etc.

What Is AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is an excellent service that can help you to connect to your organization’s on-premises IT environment with AWS cloud storage infrastructure.

AWS Storage Gateway helps you to store your data in AWS with high security, scalability, etc.

While you are uploading the data from on-premises to the cloud, AWS Storage Gateway uses different data encryption techniques with SSL, etc.

AWS Storage Gateway can be deployed as a VMware ESXi virtual machine (VM), Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine, or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor on your on-premises environment.

Benefits Of AWS Storage Gateway

There are a lot of benefits of AWS Storage Gateway. Let’s discuss here a few key benefits of AWS Storage Gateway.

Very Simple and User-Friendly

If you are new to AWS Storage Gateway, no need to worry. It’s quite simple to start with AWS Storage Gateway.

To start with AWS Gateway, download the gateway VM software –> Assign an IP –> Activate the Gateway to associate it with the AWS account.

Highly Secure and Durable

In that case, security is a must when it is your data. AWS Storage Gateway ensures your critical data is highly secure and well-encrypted with advanced encryption techniques before transferring to AWS.

Low Latency Rate

AWS Storage Gateway provides you with a low-latency disk and very good network performance for your data so that you will feel the optimization with respect to transferring the data to AWS.


It is highly scalable. Based on your requirement, you can get the cloud storage and billed based on that if you want to extend your backup and achieve storage without any upfront costs. You do not need to use new hardware to increase the storage capacity.

Supports Hybrid cloud storage

You can access your data from on-premises and store it in AWS clouds easily, including Amazon S3 Glacier, Amazon S3, Deep Archive, etc.

Additionally, you can utilize different AWS services like AWS compute, big data analytics services, machine learning, Amazon Cloud Watch, AWS IAM, etc.

AWS Storage Gateway Cost

AWS Storage Gateway Pricing model is based on paying only what you use and the below factors.

  • The request you make
  • Storage type you are using
  • Storage amount you are using
  • How much amount of data you are transferring outside AWS?

Pricing For File Gateway

Pricing For Storage

Pricing for storageLike Amazon S3 objects it is getting stored and billed accordingly.

Pricing For Requests

When your gateway is writing data to AWSYou need to pay $0.01/GB†

Check out the complete information on AWS Storage Gateway Pricing now.


Why AWS Storage Gateway?

AWS Storage Gateway helps you use AWS cloud storage services by minimizing the use of your on-premises storage, where you can save a lot of costs that you were spending on your on-premises storage.

What are the different gateway types supported by AWS storage gateway service?


  • Tape Gateway
  • Volume Gateway
  • Amazon S3 File Gateway
  • Amazon FSx File Gateway

Which type of AWS storage gateway can be used to backup data with popular backup software?

Answer: Tape Gateway

What are the benefits of AWS Storage Gateway?

Benefits Of AWS Storage Gateway

What is the maximum size supported for local cache/gateway?

64 TiB is the maximum size supported for the local cache gateway on a VM.

What is File Gateway, and explain the different types of File Gateway?

Details on File Gateway and their types

What are the different protocols supported by Amazon S3 File Gateway?

It supports the protocols below

  • NFS (Network File System) (Version 3 & version 4.1)
  • SMB (Server Message Block) (Version 2 & Version 3)

Is it possible to change the name of the file share?

Yes, you can.

What is the maximum number of file shares that can be created per gateway?

You can create a maximum of up to 10 shares/gateway.

What is Tape Gateway?

Tape Gateway

What is AWS storage gateway volume gateway, and explain the different types of Volume Gateway?

Details on Volume Gateway and their types

What is the maximum number of snapshots per gateway?

There is no limit as of now.

Where does AWS storage gateway primarily store data?

Answer: Amazon S3

What is AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance?

It is a standalone and physical server configuration required for your on-premises deployments. It has all inbuilt networks, CPU, memory, Software, etc for creating and configuring all types of AWS Storage Gateway.

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